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By: Victoria Clark

When we think of France we usually think of it as the center of the fashion, art, and culinary world; however, what most people may not realize is that the French have been just as influential in the music scene as in other artistic and creative realms. From Édith Piaf  to Sebastien Tellier and Daft Punk to Phoenix, the French know music and art, and the website Nova Planet and it’s radio station, Radio Nova, makes sure we don’t forget it.

BEN KHAN @ PARIS – On avait vite fait d’assimiler Ben Khan à la génération post-James Blake, aux côtés de Jai Paul.

Since its creation in 1981 by Jean-Francois Bizot, Radio Nova (or Nova) has been an integral part of the music world by discovering and showcasing noteworthy musicians. And although it started as a music-centric site, it has grown to become a source for highlighting other art forms as well.

Despite the fact that it is a Parisian station, social media and streaming services have enabled international listeners and fans of Nova Planet to tune in from all parts of the globe through their website, which is an experience in itself. Featuring everything from articles to podcasts and live recordings, Nova Planet’s online radio station, Radio Nova, provides the cutting-edge scoop on all the notable artists one should know. For instance, when streaming the station online, you’ll hear interviews and a dynamic playlist featuring artists from the Cold War Kids to Snoop Dogg and Nina Simone. However, as mentioned, the site offers a unique mix of content that every art lover can enjoy and appreciate aside from music. One of our favorites, the review of art exhibitions around the globe.



One should note, however, that the website is written entirely in French and does not offer an English translation, so it will be helpful (and necessary) to know the language when perusing the site, especially if you are interested in reading the variety of articles they post. But, as we all know, art is the universal language and thus can be appreciated by all.

Check out the links below for their website and the live radio stream:

Online Streaming:

Happy listening!